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Heel pain and how to treat it

Heel pain is a common issue that can significantly impact your daily life. There are different types of heel pain, it could be a sharp pain when you take your first steps in the morning, or it could be a persistent ache after a long day on your feet. It is essential to understand the causes and treatments for heel pain to maintain mobility and quality of life.

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  1. Podiatrist examining patients foot

    Reasons why YOU need a Podiatrist

    A podiatrist is a medical professional devoted to the treatment of disorders of the foot and ankle, to improve people’s mobility, independence, and quality of life. Our feet play a crucial role in our daily lives, so why not make sure that they are in the right condition, so it doesn’t affect our overall well-being?

  2. Ali and Sangeeta at the Village of Hope

    Algeos donates crucial medical supplies to support podiatric services at the Village of Hope in India

    Algeos, a leading provider of medical supplies and equipment, establishes its partnership with podiatrists visiting the Village of Hope in New Dheli, India, to provide much needed chairside materials. A thriving residential community, the Village of Hope was built in 1993 by HOPE Foundation, part of HOPE Worldwide, and sits on 22.4 acres of land with almost 800 houses for approximately 6,000 people.

  3. Why Diabetic Foot Ulcers aren’t healing, and what to do about it

    Why Diabetic Foot Ulcers aren’t healing, and what to do about it

    Diabetes is one of the most common diseases amongst adults in the UK, affecting roughly 4.3 million people and responsible for 174 amputations every week. Diabetic foot ulcers occur in between 10% and15% of people living with diabetes and, if left unmanaged, can lead to serious complications for the individual.

  4. Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention

    The Importance of Pressure Off-loading Devices for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention

    In the UK, over 4.9 million people have the condition, with a further 13.6 million people at increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, the implications of diabetes to the individual can be severe. Without proper preventative care, people with the condition are at risk of complications such as foot ulceration, which can lead to lower-limb amputation. Lets look at offloading pressure and some of the tools available to achieve this.

  5. Transformational technology: how Voxelcare is revolutionising lower limb healthcare

    Transformational technology: how Voxelcare is revolutionising lower limb healthcare

    According to NHS data, there are an estimated two million orthotic patients treated at one time in England alone. From diabetes to post op trauma, orthotic services provide health benefits for a wide range of conditions in a variety of settings. 

  6. Sam Quek

    Algeos hire Olympic Gold Medallist Sam Quek to host their Symposium at CoP

    Sam was excellent and gave an inspirational, moving talk to all delegates that attended the Algeos lunchtime Symposium. Sam also brought along the gold medal she won at the Rio Olympics and was happy to take selfies with delegates.

  7. College of Podiatry 2016

    The College of Podiatry Annual Conference 2016

    Europe’s biggest and best podiatry conference returns to Liverpool for 2017. Join over 1,200 podiatrists, 100 speakers and 80 Exhibitors over 3 days and obtain 95% of your annual CPD requirements. 


  8. RUCK

    Algeos agrees exclusive deal with RUCK to distribute products to UK podiatrists

    Global medical products distributor Algeos has signed a deal to be the exclusive distribution partner in the UK for RUCK. Algeos is launching the partnership by making the revolutionary RUCK MOBILSYSTEM available to podiatrists in the UK. A range of other innovative, industry-leading products will be rolled out over the coming months.

  9. Algeos Logo

    Algeos and College of Podiatry agree biggest ever Conference sponsorship deal

    Leading medical products distribution company Algeos has signed the biggest ever commercial sponsorship deal with the College of Podiatry Annual Conference. Algeos has agreed to be the Principal Sponsor for the Conference for the next three years.


  10. Podiatry Hive

    UKs first ever Podiatry Hive conference hailed a success

    A conference aimed at helping podiatrists in the UK to grow their practices has been hailed a success. The Business Reset Conference was organised by business mentors Podiatry Hive in conjunction with leading medical products distributor Algeos. The conference was a sell-out with 45 podiatrists from around the UK attending the two-day event in London.

  11. Algeos logo

    Algeos unveils innovative new products for podiatrists

    A leading medical products distributor has launched a number of new products for the UK’s podiatrists. The unveiling of the new products coincided with the publication of Algeos’s biggest ever podiatry catalogue at the annual College of Podiatry Conference.

  12. logo

    Podiatry/Allied Health Services Managers Conference/IPP 2014

    The Podiatry/Allied Health Services Managers Conference has now established itself as the leading event for Podiatry Managers.