Ali and Sangeeta at the Village of Hope

Press release

Algeos, a leading provider of medical supplies and equipment, establishes its partnership with podiatrists visiting the Village of Hope in New Dheli, India, to provide much needed chairside materials.

A thriving residential community, the Village of Hope was built in 1993 by HOPE Foundation, part of HOPE Worldwide, and sits on 22.4 acres of land with almost 800 houses for approximately 6,000 people.

The aim of the community is to provide free wound care for individuals living with leprosy, as well as vocational skills training for their families.

The Village of Hope welcomed back the team of podiatrists, including Ali Clark-Morris from Feetwise Footcare, Sangeeta Dhall from Walkwel Clinic, and volunteer Eloise Clark-Morris, who is adept at insole fabrication and medical documentation.

"Volunteering at Hope Leprosy Colony is such a great opportunity for podiatrists" Ali said.

"I have gained so much from the experiences I have had both professionally and personally. At times it has been frustrating and overwhelming but with repeated visits, I am starting to see small but significant improvements in the service provided to the leprosy patients as result of the training and support we have been able to offer to staff."

The team focused intensively on staff training to elevate the overall quality of care provided to the patients, many of whom suffer from severe podiatric ailments due to leprosy.

Not only were staff trained on the use of Doppler ultrasound to assess blood flow, but they were introduced to data management and wound scoring systems, enabling staff to better understand the trajectory of wound development or healing.

Algeos donated chairside packs of PORON for insole fabrication, an essential part of curating devices that enhance the treatment of common complications of leprosy by offloading wounds.

Max Sheridan, Managing Director of Algeos, said: \"We are proud to be able to support Ali, Sangeeta, and Eloise in their efforts to improve the lives of those affected by leprosy and their families within the Village of Hope.

“As a global business, it is important to us to assist healthcare professionals around the world, ensuring they have the tools necessary to provide the best care possible to those who need it.”

Rory Stewart, International Account Executive at Algeos: “It has been great to see the positive affect Ali and the team are having on the Village of Hope.

“Through our donations, we hope to not only improve the quality of care but also empower the local medical staff with the equipment they need for sustainable care.\"

Algeos remains dedicated to supporting projects like the Village of Hope, as part of its broader mission to improve foot health globally

The company is committed to continuing its support and looks forward to contributing to the ongoing success of healthcare initiatives at the Village of Hope and beyond.

For more information about the work Hope Worldwide does, visit their Instagram here.