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A leading medical products distributor has launched a number of new products for the UK’s podiatrists.

The unveiling of the new products coincided with the publication of Algeos’s biggest ever podiatry catalogue at the annual College of Podiatry Conference.

Product launches included:

  • Clearanail - a revolutionary product based on Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP), allowing podiatrists to make micro pathways through the nail plate to access the nail bed. Clearanail has been developed by Medical Device Treatment which is based at the Sussex Innovation Centre at the University of Sussex;
  • OptoGait - innovative gait analysis technology for movement analysis and functional assessment of patients;
  • Geko – a small, light and portable electrical stimulation device which aids rehabilitation and is particularly good for increasing blood circulation, preventing and treating oedema and promoting wound healing;
  • Podotech Elftman Matrix – a small, lightweight device that simultaneously measures two important variables in the assessment of the lower limb; in-shoe dynamic plantar pressure and lower limb activity.

Rorie Townsend, Algeos’s Podiatry Category Manager, said: “Algeos is delighted to be able to unveil a number of ground-breaking products that will significantly assist the work of podiatrists across the UK and internationally.

“These and other new product additions have helped Algeos publish its biggest ever podiatry catalogue which we launched at the CoP Conference.”

Algeos is the global distribution arm of ALG International Holdings, which has its head office in Liverpool.

Fast growing ALG now distributes its products to more than 70 countries through its offices in the UK, Australia, United States and United Arab Emirates.

Hugh Sheridan, CEO of ALG, said: “ALG and its distribution brand Algeos has built a reputation not only as a provider of industry-leading medical products, but also as a leader in innovation and technology.

“Our company’s mission is to develop and bring to market life-changing products that not only change the way people move, but also the way they feel.”