Single-use off-loading cushion devices

High-performance cushioning materials

Cost-effective off-the-shelf foot orthotics


T-Plate is the most accurate way to identify the plantar pressure profile. By providing a level of information beyond the capabilities of more traditional tools, the T-Plate will make consistently accurate diagnosis, to increase patient confidence and enhance the reputation of your practice.

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Gait Analysis

Why every Physiotherapist needs a Gait Analysis System

Gait analysis has been offering medical insights for over 50 years. With the rapid advancement of technology, including enhancements in sensors, cameras, and software, these systems now enable the collection of more precise and insightful data that aids in a patient’s treatment plan or to enhance an athlete’s performance. Used by medical professionals, athletes, and researchers, gait analysis has proven to be an effective tool in identifying and treating issues with the musculoskeletal system in humans – and even animals.

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November 02, 2023
Embracing work/life balance at Algeos

Embracing work/life balance at Algeos

October 06, 2023
Hempe oil

Exploring how CBD can be used as a natural remedy for pain relief and inflammation.

September 20, 2023
Orthotic Technician

Senior Orthotic Technician Wanted - EDSERLAB (London)

September 14, 2023
If you have back pain, the problem might be your feet

If you have back pain, the problem might be your feet

August 23, 2023

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