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  1. Person running in the snow

    Exploring the impact of cold weather on foot conditions

    As winter approaches, bringing cold temperatures and icy conditions, it's vital to take additional measures to stay warm and safe. While staying indoors offers comfort and dryness, venturing outside exposes us to harsh weather. It's essential to be prepared for these challenging outdoor conditions during the winter months.

  2. Gait Analysis

    Why every Physiotherapist needs a Gait Analysis System

    Gait analysis has been offering medical insights for over 50 years. With the rapid advancement of technology, including enhancements in sensors, cameras, and software, these systems now enable the collection of more precise and insightful data that aids in a patient’s treatment plan or to enhance an athlete’s performance. Used by medical professionals, athletes, and researchers, gait analysis has proven to be an effective tool in identifying and treating issues with the musculoskeletal system in humans – and even animals.

  3. Embracing work/life balance at Algeos

    Embracing work/life balance at Algeos

    Work-related stress is an increasing concern for businesses and workers in the UK. In fact, a study carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) found that almost a quarter of UK workers are exhausted at work and between 24 and 29 per cent of people found it difficult to fulfil outside commitments due to their job.

  4. Hempe oil

    Exploring how CBD can be used as a natural remedy for pain relief and inflammation.

    Cannabidiol, or CBD, is not new to healthcare. In fact, the use of the hemp and marijuana plants go as far back as 2737 BCE. Even Queen Victoria used CBD-rich varieties of cannabis oil to treat menstrual cramps!  

    It wasn’t until 1940, however, that American chemist Roger Adam isolated CBD, and since then the use of the ingredient has skyrocketed into a multi-billion-pound industry known to have many health benefits in the treatment of stress, sleep difficulties, anxiety, other mental health difficulties and chronic pain.

  5. If you have back pain, the problem might be your feet

    If you have back pain, the problem might be your feet

    Chronic back pain is surprisingly common, with up to 23% of the world's population living with it currently. Did you know, however, that your foot health and poisitioning may be responsible? Read our latest blog to find out more... 

  6. A healthy home: solutions for pain management and comfort in care homes

    A healthy home: solutions for pain management and comfort in care homes

    here are just over 17,000 care homes in the UK: 14,535 in England, 1,024 in Wales, 1,025 in Scotland and 405 in Northern Ireland. Each care home is responsible for the care of anywhere from 1-50+ residents at any given time.

  7. The benefits of gait analysis in Parkinson’s disease management

    The benefits of gait analysis in Parkinson’s disease management

    Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the fastest growing neurodegenerative condition in the world, with two people in the UK being diagnosed with the condition every hour. Research by Parkinson’s UK estimates that by 2030, 172,000 people across the country will be living with PD, especially as the population grows and ages.

  8. Foot Orthotic

    A guide to creating the most effective orthotics

    In principle, the use of custom-made foot orthotics allows clinicians to provide a more accurate device to better treat patients, however this depends on the materials and methods used, as well as cost and manufacturing time. Staff shortages within O&P roles, as well as funding cuts, means that orthotists and workshop managers need to use the most cost and time effective materials and methods to best serve their patients.

  9. Six basic principles of effective infection control

    Six basic principles of effective infection control

    Infection prevention and control (IPC) is paramount in all healthcare settings in order to protect both patients and professionals when undertaking medical procedures and tests. Without proper IPC, podiatrists and chiropodists are unable to deliver the highest quality of healthcare, and it is therefore the responsibility of everyone within a clinic to guarantee proper management plans are in place to provide the most sterile environment within clinics.

  10. Alternatives to PRP therapy

    Alternatives to PRP therapy

    Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy has now been classed as an unlicensed human medicine by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), prompting the Royal College of Podiatry and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) to urge their members to cease its use with immediate effect.

  11. WDW 2023

    Understanding Diabetes: A focus on world diabetes week

    Diabetes is a long-term medical disorder caused by high blood glucose (sugar) levels. It happens when the body either generates insufficient insulin or cannot properly utilise the insulin it does create. The pancreas secretes insulin, a hormone that aids in controlling blood sugar levels and permits glucose to enter cells for use as an energy source.  

  12. Sensory Teaching Aids

    Strategies, Techniques, and Sensory Teaching Aids for Supporting Children with ADHD, Autism and Sensory Sensitivities

    Educating children with ADHD, autism, and sensory sensitivities requires a multifaceted approach that includes specialized teaching strategies, sensory teaching devices, and even innovative seating options. These methods are not only inclusive but are also backed by research.

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