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  1. Orthotic Technician

    Senior Orthotic Technician Wanted - EDSERLAB (London)

    EDSERLAB LTD seeks a highly skilled and motivated Senior Orthotic Technician to join our cutting-edge International Orthotic Lab. With excellent career progression opportunities, this role allows you to be at the forefront of innovation in orthotic manufacturing with access to the most extensive 3D printing facilities worldwide.

  2. bcc logo

    Foot Comfort Care - Orthotic Technician

    Foot Comfort Care is looking for a full-time experienced Lab Technician to join their team. Salary - £30-£40K If you think you are the person for the job, please contact Foot Comfort Centre at 07801107271 or 02089081425 or email [email protected]

  3. Active Step Foot & Ankle Clinic - New Position for Podiatrist

    Active Step Foot & Ankle Clinic - New Position for Podiatrist

    This clinic in Whiteley, Hampshire are looking for a podiatrist to join their team. We are looking for a Podiatrist who is AUTHENTIC in their relationships with patients, PASSIONATE about their profession and RESPECTFUL to others.

  4. Special Footwear & Orthotics - London

    Vacancy - Orthotic Technician

    Orthotic Techs required. Full-time or Part-time, Permanent positions available. Please contact us as per below to enquire.

    Special Footwear and Orthotics
    12 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 8UN
    Tel: 020 7486 4664