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  1. Person running in the snow

    Exploring the impact of cold weather on foot conditions

    As winter approaches, bringing cold temperatures and icy conditions, it's vital to take additional measures to stay warm and safe. While staying indoors offers comfort and dryness, venturing outside exposes us to harsh weather. It's essential to be prepared for these challenging outdoor conditions during the winter months.

  2. Embracing work/life balance at Algeos

    Embracing work/life balance at Algeos

    Work-related stress is an increasing concern for businesses and workers in the UK. In fact, a study carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) found that almost a quarter of UK workers are exhausted at work and between 24 and 29 per cent of people found it difficult to fulfil outside commitments due to their job.

  3. IWD2023

    International Women's Day 2023

    Team Algeos is so lucky to work with these amazing and hardworking women. Let’s continue to empower and uplift each other as we work towards our goals and a more equitable society.

  4. SDCA Image

    New 2023 Shockwave & Laser Combination Therapy Education Dates announced. Don't miss out!

    Are you up to date with the latest combination treatment protocols from the most powerful shockwave and laser systems on the market? New Training Dates announced. Don't miss out!

  5. Klarna with Algeos

    Algeos offer new payment service to help customers spread the costs

    Spread the cost of device and equipment expenditure with Klarna. No more upfront investment for prescribed patient devices. You pay, when you get paid!

  6. The Queens Death

    Bank Holiday Closure

    Our offices will be closed for the bank holiday as a mark of respect for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. We want to allow employees the opportunity to pay their respects and commemorate the Queen's reign.

  7. Northern Powerhouse

    Powerhouse Perspective: Max Sheridan

    In the latest instalment of Insider's Q&A series on the Northern Powerhouse, Max Sheridan, managing director at Algeos, discusses what the initiative means to him, calls for greater funding for councils and communities, and outlines the importance of skills and talent acquisition.

  8. Team Algeos about to jump

    #Team Algeos Jump out of plane for Claire House

    Weather permitting; in a few hours’ time, I will be getting into an aircraft, before climbing to an altitude of over ten thousand feet, only to launch myself out of an open door and jump from a perfectly serviceable aircraft and head southwards towards the earth below.

  9. 3D Printing for Foot Orthotics

    Voxelcare 3D Printing Solutions Now Shipping

    Introducing the VXC3DP Filament Cube from Voxelcare, a modular FDM unit containing a 3D printer that can operate as a single-unit system or combined with multiple VXC3DP Cubes to increase production output.

  10. 3D printer to be officially unveiled at the Royal College of Podiatry Conference

    3D printer to be officially unveiled at the Royal College of Podiatry Conference

    Algeos has been announced as a UK exclusive distributor of the Voxelcare VXC3DP Filament Cube printing unit, which enables clinicians to print foot orthotics and other materials in house in half the time, reducing waste and manufacturing time so better for the planet - and reduce NHS waiting lists in the process. 

  11. Algeos Consistent Performer Award - Barry Greenhough

    Algeos Consistent Performer Award - Barry Greenhough

    Barry Greenhough, our warehouse operative who has been with us since 2007, received a unanimous vote from his fellow colleagues as he was commended with the ‘Consistent Performer’ award to commend his hard-working nature, efficiency and commitment to the role.

  12. We've been Nominated! Liverpool Echo Regional Business Innovation & Technology Award

    We've been Nominated! Liverpool Echo Regional Business Innovation & Technology Award

    Some of the algeos team were excited to attend the Liverpool Echo Regional Business Awards. We were shortlisted for our range of clinical medical technology solutions that we offer to our customers and also our implementation of new technology & business support systems internally over the last couple of years.