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Heel pain and how to treat it

Heel pain is a common issue that can significantly impact your daily life. There are different types of heel pain, it could be a sharp pain when you take your first steps in the morning, or it could be a persistent ache after a long day on your feet. It is essential to understand the causes and treatments for heel pain to maintain mobility and quality of life.

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  1. 3D printer 2024

    3D printer to be officially unveiled at the Royal College of Podiatry Conference

    Algeos has been announced as a UK exclusive distributor of the Voxelcare VXC3DP Filament Cube printing unit, which enables clinicians to print foot orthotics and other materials in house in half the time, reducing waste and manufacturing time so better for the planet - and reduce NHS waiting lists in the process. 

  2. Podiatrists demand national awareness campaign

    Podiatrists demand national awareness campaign

    Podiatrists in the UK are calling for a national campaign to help build awareness of the work they do for patients.

  3. Hugh Sheridan

    Diabetic foot ulcer prevention winning debate against wound care, says ALG CEO

    The CEO of a leading medical technology company has called for greater emphasis to be placed on the prevention of diabetic foot ulcers rather than wound care. The 7th International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot – held once every four years – brought together more than 1,500 delegates from over 100 countries.

  4. Aortha logo

    Ground breaking 3D technology to print pair of insoles in under an hour

    Pioneering 3D technology that can print a pair of insoles in an hour will be unveiled at the BAPO (The British Association of Prosthetists & Orthotists) conference in Manchester today (March 20th). The revolutionary new technology allows custom-made and more supportive insoles to be created six times faster than anything else on the market.

  5. Kelly and Hugh

    Olympic medallist opens Algeos Innovation Suite

    Olympic star Kelly Sotherton has opened a state-of-the-art medical technology centre. Former heptathlete Sotherton, who won a Bronze medal at the 2004 Olympic Games, launched the £50,000 Algeos Innovation Suite at Birmingham Metropolitan College’s Matthew Boulton Campus.