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  1. 3D printer to be officially unveiled at the Royal College of Podiatry Conference

    3D printer to be officially unveiled at the Royal College of Podiatry Conference

    Algeos has been announced as a UK exclusive distributor of the Voxelcare VXC3DP Filament Cube printing unit, which enables clinicians to print foot orthotics and other materials in house in half the time, reducing waste and manufacturing time so better for the planet - and reduce NHS waiting lists in the process. 

  2. Active Step Foot & Ankle Clinic - New Position for Podiatrist

    Active Step Foot & Ankle Clinic - New Position for Podiatrist

    This clinic in Whiteley, Hampshire are looking for a podiatrist to join their team. We are looking for a Podiatrist who is AUTHENTIC in their relationships with patients, PASSIONATE about their profession and RESPECTFUL to others.

  3. Flat Foot

    What is: Flat Feet (Pes Planus)

    Pes planus otherwise termed as flat feet is a biomechanical problem experienced by a surprisingly high percentage of the population. Flat feet are a condition where the arch of the foot appears flattened.

  4. COP 2022

    Royal College of Podiatry Annual Conference 2022

    Date: 7th-9th July 2022

    Venue:ACC Liverpool (our home town)

    The Royal College of Podiatry annual conference features some of the biggest names in the UK and international podiatry. 

  5. Orthotic Insoles

    What is: The Slimflex Range

    Foot orthoses have been used for the management of lower-limb and foot pathologies since the 19th century - clinical studies have shown that orthotic devices contribute to the normal function of the foot.

  6. Heel Lifts

    Heel Lifts - Buyers Guide

    This article is intended to give an overview of the different types of in-shoe orthotic heel inserts available and their strengths and shortcomings, and to assist you in choosing appropriate heel lift product

  7. College of Podiatry conference 2021

    We are hiring! Marketing Executive

    We have an exciting opportunity as we are recruiting for a Marketing Executive to join Team Algeos. 

    The candidate will be responsible for the performance of your own campaigns, develop and implement creative, integrated marketing strategies and put on your excellent organisation hat to make an impact at the events you will manage that support our sales team, raise the profile of our brand and drive sales.

  8. We are hiring! Customer Service Advisor

    We are hiring! Customer Service Advisor

    We have an exciting opportunity as we are recruiting for a Customer Service Advisor to join Team Algeos. If you would like to apply, please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] by 24th June 2022.
  9. Algeos Consistent Performer Award - Barry Greenhough

    Algeos Consistent Performer Award - Barry Greenhough

    Barry Greenhough, our warehouse operative who has been with us since 2007, received a unanimous vote from his fellow colleagues as he was commended with the ‘Consistent Performer’ award to commend his hard-working nature, efficiency and commitment to the role.

  10. Elevate Expo UK

    Elevate (COPA) 2022

    Date: 15th-16th June 2022

    Venue: Excel, London 

    200 Thought leaders and experts the Elevate speaking programme is the UK largest learning opportunity for the fitness industry, sport scientists and physical therapists. 

  11. Foothealth Conference 2022

    Foothealth Conference 2022

    Date:14th - 15th June 2022

    Venue:Kettering Conference Centre, Northamptonshire, NN15 6PB

    Foot Health is a well established independent conference for podiatrists in the UK attracting over 1000 podiatrists, physiotherapists, GPs and other health professionals. 

  12. Smelly Feet

    Sweaty Feet & Foot Odour

    Feet need to be kept healthy and agile to support the entire weight of our bodies in our day-to-day life. This is why the feet contain 250,000 sweat glands that constantly secrete moisture to keep feet moist, supple and healthy.

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