Calf-Tec Artificial Calf Leather - 1.37m x 1m

Discover the secret to luxurious leather without the high cost.


Calf-Tec Artificial Calf Leather delivers the authentic look and feel of genuine calf leather, but at a fraction of the price. Crafted with advanced materials and techniques, this premium faux leather mimics the soft texture, natural grain, and rich color of the real thing. Whether you're upholstering furniture, crafting accessories, or elevating your next DIY project, Calf-Tec provides the high-end aesthetic you desire without the hefty price tag.

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Product Description

Calf-Tec Artificial Calf Leather:

Calf-Tec Artificial Calf Leather is the perfect solution for those seeking the look and feel of genuine calf leather without the ethical and environmental concerns. Meticulously crafted to mimic the supple texture, rich color, and distinctive grain of authentic calf hide, this innovative material offers a seamless alternative that is truly indistinguishable from the real thing.

Spanning an impressive 1.37m x 1m, this calf leather alternative provides ample material for a wide range of applications, from upholstery and furniture to fashion and craft projects. Its durable, long-lasting construction ensures that your creations maintain their luxurious appearance for years to come, while the vegan-friendly composition eliminates the need for animal-derived products.

Whether you're an interior designer, fashion enthusiast, or DIY enthusiast, Calf-Tec Artificial Calf Leather is the ideal choice for achieving the timeless elegance of calf leather without compromise. Experience the unparalleled quality and authenticity of this remarkable material, and unlock a world of creative possibilities.


Calf-Tec Artificial Calf Leather is a remarkable synthetic lining material that closely mimics the luxurious feel and appearance of genuine calf leather. 


  • Authentic Aesthetic: Calf-Tec replicates the fine grain and texture of real calf leather, providing a high-quality finish.

  • Vegan-Friendly: As a cruelty-free alternative, it appeals to conscious consumers who prioritize ethical choices.

  • Durable: Despite being artificial, Calf-Tec exhibits durability and resilience similar to traditional calf leather.

  • Soft and Supple: The material feels comfortable and supple, making it suitable for various applications.


  • Luxurious Appeal: Calf-Tec allows designers and manufacturers to create elegant products without compromising on aesthetics.

  • Cost-Effective: It offers the look and feel of calf leather at a more accessible price point.

  • Versatility: Use it for upholstery, accessories, or fashion items.

  • Easy Maintenance: Unlike natural leather, Calf-Tec is easy to clean and maintain.


  • Fashion and Accessories: Craft handbags, wallets, belts, and other accessories.

  • Upholstery: Enhance furniture, car interiors, or decorative elements.

  • Footwear: Create stylish shoes and boots.

Calf-Tec is a NEW synthetic lining material that looks and feels like real calf leather. Like real calf, the grain is finer than that of the cow, and it is one of the highest quality leathers.

Washable and cleanable

This microfibre can withstand temperatures of up to 60°C without shrinking or altering its technical qualities.



Transform your projects today with Calf-Tec Artificial Calf Leather. Order now and enjoy the premium look and feel at an unbeatable price

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