Orthafix Spray Adhesive - Carpet Glue, Tile Adhesive, Vinyl Floor and Insole Covers - Contact Adhesive


Heavy duty aerosol adhesive that gives exceptionally strong adhesion for a wide range of demanding uses.

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Product Description

Aortha Orthafix is a versatile, heavy duty aerosol that will securely fix materials commonly used in the manufacturing and home.

Ieal adhesive for all of your DIY projects! Whether youre fixing up a carpet, re-tiling a floor, or simply just want to keep a few things together in your home, this powerful spray glue is here to help. Using our specially developed formula, Orthafix Spray.

Adhesive 500ml offers premium strength contact adhesion that keeps whatever you need in place. To ensure perfect application every time, its designed to spread evenly across surfaces without leaving residue or any sticky patches. Its also easy to wipe away and leaves surfaces with an even finish. This makes it the perfect choice for both professional and commercial applications as well as everyday tasks around the home.

The strong hold provided by Orthafix can be used on a variety of materials such as carpets, tiles, vinyl floors and fabrics. There are countless uses for this spray adhesive - some of the most common being tile adhesive, carpet glue, contact adhesive spray and more!

Whether its a quick fix or part of an ongoing project, Orthafix Spray Adhesive will provide reliable performance throughout all kinds of crafting activities from gluing fabric frames to sealing vinyl flooring down. Dont skimp on quality when getting your DIY job done - trust Orthafix Spray Adhesive 500ml to get optimal results every time!

Professional adhesive: The 500ml Orthafix Spray Adhesive is ideal for use as a carpet glue, tile adhesive, vinyl floor adhesive and fabric adhesive.

Super Strong, super versatile: Its powerful formulation enables quick adhesion of fabrics and flooring with an invisible hold.

Easy Application: This spray adhesive comes with a precise nozzle that gives a controlled, even spray that ensures an even finish when in use.

Aortha Orthafix Spray Adhesive:

  • Aortha Orthafix spray adhesive produces a cob-web spray pattern which provides a low soak in on porous or absorbent surfaces such as foam or fabric.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • No mess.
  • Budget friendly. 
  • Exclusively formulated as a powerful, yet flexible bonding system perfect for soft or pliable materials. 
For bonding: Vinyl tiles, carpets, foams, Poron, fabric, insole top covers and felts which need to be bonded to each other or to hard surfaces such as plastic, carbon glass or firm rubbers.

Size: 500ml.