Renia Top-Fit Shoe Repair Adhesive | Bonds in 7 Minutes | 2 Sizes Available

Designed for the fast paced world of modern shoe repair shops, this cement has an open assembly time of 7-40 minutes.

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Product Description

Renia Top-Fit Shoe Repairs Adhesive:

Renia Top-Fit is a strong and fast drying all-purpose polychloroprene contact cement. Designed for the fast paced world of modern shoe repair shops, this cement has an open assembly time of 7-40 minutes and can be reactivated with heat. Perfect for quick shoe adaptions.

This cement is suitable for bonding various materials used in shoe repair, such as leather, rubber, EVA, TR, felt, cork, etc. However, it is not effective for plastified PVC. For PVC bonding, utilise Renia - Syntic-TOTAL or Renia - Colle de Cologne All Purpose Cement.

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Grind the materials and coat them with Renia - top-fit until a visible layer of cement appears. Occasionally, porous materials like leather may require two coatings.
  2. For specific materials:  PE, PP: Use an open gas flame. TR (Thermoplastic Rubber): Clean with acetone. Some TR types may need halogenation with Rehagol and bonding with Syntic-TOTAL or Colle de Cologne. PUR (Polyurethane): After grinding, press with absorbent paper to remove water. Apply Renia-Primer for PUR immediately before adhesive application.

Pot-life: 4-6 hours when mixed with Hardener C.

Open Assembly Time: Varies from 7 to 40 minutes, with TR needing 5-15 minutes. Renia - top-fit can be dried with an infra-red lamp: IR-Lamp 176 °F for 3 minutes or shock-activator for 3 seconds.

Pressure: Ranges from 15 to 60 psi depending on the material. Minimum times: 15 psi for 60 seconds, 45 psi for 15 seconds.

Key Features:

Rapid crystallization and exceptionally high initial adhesive strength enable immediate work on bonded pieces.
Adequate heat resistance allows trimming or buffering of soles or heels. Bonding strength progressively increases within the first day.

Please ensure to follow safety guidelines and use appropriate protective gear when handling these materials.

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