ProtoColle Superglue - Cyanoacrylate Fast Drying, Strong Bonding Multipurpose

Renia ProtoColle S (Thin) Super Glue is a high-quality adhesive specifically for bonding non-absorbent materials.

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Product Description

Cyanoacrylate Superglue adhesive is designed for a range of bonding applications, particularly for shoes and various materials, including rubber, EVA, TR, PUR, EPDM, and O-rings. Here are some key features and instructions for its use:

Materials Bonded:

Suitable for bonding various shoe repair materials like rubber, EVA, TR, PUR, etc., and also compatible with EPDM and O-rings.

Designed to work optimally with porous and flexible materials.


Prepare the materials by grinding or cutting (for materials like rubber, PVC, EPDM) or cleaning with acetone.

Apply a few drops of the adhesive to only one side of the materials.

For PUR, ensure it is dried before applying the adhesive to prevent polymerization.

Quickly bring the pieces together within a few seconds for a secure bond.

Open Assembly Time:

You have up to 30 seconds for assembly.

In low humidity conditions, consider placing a wet sponge nearby to maintain optimal working conditions.


Apply pressure by hand for approximately 10 seconds.


ProtoColle features fast crystallization and high initial bonding strength, allowing you to handle the bonded pieces without delay.

It offers heat resistance suitable for tasks like trimming or buffering shoe soles and heels.

The adhesive’s bonding strength continues to increase during the first hour after application.


The adhesive has a minimum shelf life of 6 months at 20°C, extending to 12 months when stored at 3-6°C in a refrigerator.

When stored in a deep freezer at -18°C, it can have an unlimited shelf life, even after the bottle has been opened.


Not applicable - no thinner is required.


Clean any excess adhesive immediately with acetone or water.

ProtoColle is acversatile adhesive solution for a range of bonding needs, especially in the context of shoe repair and materials that demand flexibility and rapid bond formation.