Metrotex 047 Glue Paste - Starch Based Footwear Adhesive - 2 Sizes

Metrotex 047 shoe repair adhesive.

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Product Description

Metrotex 047 Glue Paste:

Starch paste bonding solution for use in shoe repair and working with leather, such as bookbinding and other crafts. Metrotex glue or paste is traditionally used by most British shoemakers to glue leather toe puffs to create toe box and stiffen back counters of any footwear.

Once dried the toe box and back counters become stiff and hard. Hence creates a natural protection for the footwear constructed. Cobblers glue is water based. This means that it dries slowly, dries hard and can be revived with water.

Use it on the toe puffs and stiffeners. Because it dries slowly, you can position the stiffs and last them before it dries. And because it dries hard, it gives strength and rigidity to the stiffs. This is important to keep the shoes in shape.

Available in 500ml and 5 Litre tubs.

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