Cork Bottom Filler

Commonly used to fill the bottom cavity of shoes in a fast and easy application.


Product Description

Cork Bottom Filler

Flexofil cork filler is a granulated cork paste which can either be hand applied with a spreading knife.

Using Flexofil in the shoe bottom, it not only completely fills the cavity of any desired bottom shape, but most importantly, it will adopt the form of the foot creating not only maximum comfort for the wearer in a truly bespoke manner, but unrivalled cushioning due to the cellular structure of the cork. Furthermore, as well as adhering to, and helping to reinforce the insole, it will help to eliminate any clicks and squeaks which can be caused by the shank area.

Since Flexofil will fill all gaps and help to seal any stitch holes, it should also help to ensure that the shoe is resistant to water penetration and avoid moisture traps, which can eventually cause odours and de-generation of the bottom.

Size: 1 Litre.

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