Natural Cork Portuguese Slabs

The World's most versatile and sustainable material.


Natural Cork, a versatile and sustainable material that opens up a world of possibilities. Sourced from the bark of cork oak trees, our cork boasts an array of remarkable properties that make it the ideal choice for a multitude of applications.

Made In Portugal

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Product Description

Natural Cork Slabs Features:

Natural Cork Slabs: The Eco-Friendly Choice for Sustainable Living

When it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly materials, natural cork slabs stand out as a versatile and environmentally conscious option. From cork board material to cork floor tiles, cork sheeting to cork insulation sheets, the uses of this renewable resource are endless.

Cork is not only known for its unique texture and aesthetic appeal but also for its exceptional insulation properties. Whether you're looking to enhance your space with cork wall tiles, produce shoes, or create a functional cork bulletin board, natural cork products offer a blend of style and sustainability.

Natural cork is a remarkable material with a variety of applications. Let’s delve into its properties and uses:


  • Cork floors exhibit a natural and warm appearance, adding character to spaces.
  • Used by notable architects like Frank Lloyd Wright in iconic buildings.
  • Found in public institutions, federal court buildings, libraries, and churches.

Resilience and Durability:

  • A properly cared-for cork floor can last upwards of 30 years even in high-traffic areas.
  • Unlike crumbly bulletin board cork, this cork is dense, resilient, and beautiful.

Comfort and Heat Management:

  • Cork provides a comfortable surface to walk on.
  • It has excellent heat management properties, keeping spaces cozy and people warm.

Sound Abatement:

  • Cork’s cellular structure absorbs sound, reducing noise transmission.
  • Ideal for creating quiet and peaceful environments.

Non-Slip and Stain Resistant:

  • Cork floors offer good traction, making them safe to walk on.
  • They are largely stain-resistant, easy to maintain.

Mold and Insect Resistance:

  • It resists mold and mildew growth.
  • Insects are deterred by cork’s properties.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable:

  • Cork flooring is made from cultivated waste from the cork wine-stopper manufacturing process.
  • Harvesting cork does not harm trees, and it’s a highly regulated, sustainable process.

Footwear Manufacturing Essential:

Cork can be used in footwear production in various ways, including as insoles, footbeds, midsoles, heel lifts, and outsole reinforcement. It offers natural cushioning, shock absorption, and arch support, enhancing comfort and stability for the wearer. Furthermore, cork's lightweight nature and ability to mold to the foot's shape over time make it a popular choice for high-quality shoes designed for both casual and athletic use.

In summary, cork is not only functional but also environmentally conscious, making it an excellent choice for, footwear, flooring and building materials.


  • 30cm x 10cm (please choose the thickness size)


Elevate your decor, your home or your production techniques with natural cork slabs today and make a sustainable style statement.