Aortha EVA Foam Sheeting - A50 - Medium Density - 1000 x 1000mm

Transform your crafting projects with precision!


Discover the Aortha EVA Foam Sheeting - A50 - Medium Density. Perfect for all your crafting needs, this foam sheeting provides a durable and versatile solution for your projects. With a size of 1000 x 1000mm, you can cut it to any shape or size you desire, making it ideal for various applications.

Sold: Sheet size: 1000 x 1000mm

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Product Description

Aortha Medium Density EVA:

EVA is the base material most commonly used to create a custom orthotic. Medium density is the most widely used EVA. The density (low/medium/high) refers to the rigidity of the material. The more support required, the higher the density material should be used.

When it comes to orthotic materials, Aortha EVA Foam Sheeting A50 in medium density is a top choice. With dimensions of 1000 x 1000mm, this EVA foam sheet offers versatility and reliability for various applications.Aortha foam products are known for their quality and consistency, making them a preferred option for orthopaedic needs. The A50 foam sheet provides the ideal balance between support and comfort, making it suitable for orthotics and other medical uses.

Mouldable between 120°C and 160°C depending on density with an average oven time of 2 minutes per mm.


The Aortha EVA Foam Sheeting - A50 - Medium Density.


  • Medium Density: A50 EVA foam is the most widely used density for custom orthotics.

  • Polypropylene Construction: Made from durable polypropylene material.

  • Heat Mouldable: Can be customized to fit individual foot contours.

  • Sheet Size: Each sheet measures 1010 x 980mm.

  • Versatile Temperature Range for Thermo-Moulding:

    • For Shore A25-A35 and 15mm EVA material: Heat between 100-130°C for 30 to 90 seconds.

    • For Shore A50 and 15mm EVA material: Heat between 110-140°C for 30 to 120 seconds.

    • For Shore A65 and 15mm EVA material: Heat between 120-150°C for 30 to 140 seconds.


  • Custom Orthotic Base: A50 EVA serves as an excellent base material for custom orthotics.

  • Durable and Shape-Retaining: Retains its shape well and reflects body heat.

  • Toxic-Free and Washable: Skin-friendly and easy to maintain.

  • Grindable and Fine Sandable: Allows for precise adjustments.

Common Uses:

  • Orthotic Manufacturing: Ideal for creating custom orthotic insoles.

  • Foot Symptom Management: Alleviate discomfort associated with various foot conditions.

  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for both men’s and women’s footwear, including dress shoes, running shoes, and more.

Remember, Aortha EVA Foam Sheeting - A50 offers a balance of support, durability, and customization for orthotic applications.

Sheet size: 1010 x 980mm


The ideal temperature for thermo-moulding Aortha EVA depends on the material thickness and hardness.

The standard principles would be:

1. Shore A25-A35 and 15mm EVA material: 100-130ºC temperature during 30 to 90 seconds exposure.
2. Shore A50 and 15mm EVA material: 110-140ºC temperature during 30 to 120 seconds exposure.
3. Shore A65 and 15mm EVA material: 120-150ºC temperature during 30 to 140 seconds exposure.

It is important to indicate the aforementioned conditions should be adjusted according to the following patterns:

•The thinner the material the lower the temperature or the exposure timing. The only effective way to determine heating times based on variable thickness and sheet size, is to test in stages based on the above guidelines.
• The heat source is also important; a direct infrared radiation will be much more aggressive than heating a piece with a circulating air system, meaning the temperature should be adjusted accordingly. Again, test in stages as per above.
• In general, EVA copolymers should not be extruded hotter than 200°C since degradation may occur.
• Degradation products include the elimination of acetic acid, which can account for a “vinegar” odour and corrosion of some materials.


Elevate your crafting game today with Aortha EVA Foam Sheeting - A50 - Medium Density. Buy now and unleash your creativity!

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