Renia Ortec Polychloroprene Adhesive for Universal Bonding - Shoe Repair and Orthotics

Renia Ortec is a clear drying adhesive, specially designed for Orthopaedic & Prosthetic work.

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Product Description

Renia Ortec Features:

Renia Ortec is a Polychloroprene cement for bonding many materials used by orthopaedic shoe technicians, pedorthists, and foot orthotists. Free of toluene and MEK.

For use with:
Renia Ortec provides a strong bond on all materials used for repairing or producing shoes and orthotics/prosthetics like leather, rubber, PU, EVA, TR, felt, cork, compact PE/PP, metal, etc. 
(except plastified PVC, for which we recommend Renia Colle de Cologne All Purpose Cement).

Instructions for use:
Grind all materials and coat them with Renia Ortec until you can see a layer of cement.
(Sometimes, you have to coat leather and other porous materials twice).
Refer to additional preparation guidance below.

Preparation Guidance:
PE - PP: No special preparation necessary.
TR (Thermoplastic Rubber): Clean with acetone. Certain TR types need to be halogenated with Rehagol and bonded with Syntic-TOTAL or Colle de Cologne.
PUR (Polyurethane): After grinding, press the material with absorbent paper to remove the water. Then coat it with Renia-Primer for PUR and the adhesive without delay. Because of the long open time, this cement is ideal for use in larger series. The cement is also free from typical allergens.

Open time:
(Depending on the material): 5 - 60 minutes. 
TR: 5 - 30 minutes. 
Ortec can be dried with an infrared lamp or a heat gun: IR-Lamp 80 °C: 3 minutes, shock-activator: 3 seconds.

Shelf Life:
Minimum 12 months.