Actigrip Contact Adhesive | 5 Litre | Real Neoprene Based Adhesive for foams, plastics and metals

Actigrip Contact Adhesive is Neoprene based adhesive for foams, plastics and metals.


Product Description

ActiGrip Contact Cement is a high-performance Neoprene based cement that provides a strong bond and has excellent initial strength. A versatile all-round performer with ‘quick grab’ bond. Contact adhesives must be applied to both surfaces and allowed some time to dry (15 minutes) before the two surfaces are pushed together.

  • Very high strength and bonds quickly. Bonds almost anything. Apply to both sides, wait for 15 minutes, secure parts. Simples.
  • Excellent heat resistance for post-bond grinding/buffering. Waterproof and minimal visibility of residue after bond.
  • Passed independent SATRA test for being effective adhesive that bonds EVA materials strongly together.
  • Applications: EVA, Leather & hides, Rubber, Poron, Cork, PVC (Hardened), Plastics, PE, Textiles. Drying: allow to dry until the solvents evaporate (15 to 20 min).