Slimflex Comfort - High Density - 3/4 Length Orthotic Insoles Perfect for Heavy Patients and Heel Stability

Achilles Tendonitis Support Insole - Slimflex Simple Full Length - Firm High Density - Maximum Heel Elevation Orthotic Insoles shorten Achillies Tendon, reliving Pain and Curing The Condition

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Product Description

Slimflex Comfort combines the superior contouring of Slimflex Simple with a finished soft fabric top cover for extra comfort and quicker advanced modification.

Firm Maximum Foot Control: This very firm orthotic device is not for everyone! Suited to the very active and above average weight individuals. Can also be used by low weight people with low arches or sufferers of Achilles Tendonitis.

Achilles Tendonitis Support: Cleverly designed to provide arch support as well as tackling Achilles Tendonitis, Flat feet and Plantar Fasciitis conditions. Prescribed daily by NHS for highly pronated feet and tight achilles tendons.

Postural Support: Insoles designed to provide low shock absorption while supporting the foot allowing your feet to remain comfortable, but controlled. No more falls, no more walking inwards or postural imbalance. Essential design missy by others.

Hallux Rigidus: Due to high density design, the orthotic is used commonly for mild Hallux Rigidus. The hardness of the device slows movement of the toes during gait cycle and helps prevent pain. High success rate in NHS.

Fit Most Shoes: Slimflex Achilles Tendonitis Support insoles are slimline yet supportive – perfect for shoes that require a low profile orthotic footbed.

Features & Benefits:

  • Brush Nylon cover allows for comfort and moisture absorption. 
  • High Density EVA (A65) Construction to cover most pathologies.
  • Integrated first metatarsal cut-out to facilitate the windlass mechanism.
  • Metatarsal raise and sustanticulum tali support.
  • Flat base for adhering wedging.
  • Deep heel cup for greater control.
  • Fully heat mouldable and grindable.
  • Retail packed to dispense as supplied.
Indications & When to use:
  • Due to the level of customisation that is achievable with Slimflex Comfort, the treatment options with this device are endless. 
  • Slimflex Comfort is recommended where the speed of orthotic turnaround is of prime importance and where chairside treatment is the chosen solution to biomechanical pathologies. 
Heat mouldable and grindable, the Slimflex Comfort allows for quick modification and patient customisation. The flat base also allows for all posting types.
  • Simple medial and lateral posts.
  • Heel lift additions.
  • Metatarsal raise/bar additions.
  • Arch and rearfoot reinforcements.
  • Shape modification.