Interpod Soft Long Foot Orthotic - Posted PU Orthotics with Kids Options

Say goodbye to foot pain for good!


Introducing Interpod Soft Long Foot Orthotic - the ultimate solution for all-day comfort and support. These PU orthotics are designed with precision to provide the perfect balance of cushioning and stability, ensuring your feet stay pain-free, even during the longest days.

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Product Description

Interpod Soft Long:

When it comes to children's foot health, the Interpod Soft Long Foot Orthotic is a game-changer. Offering both support and comfort, these orthotics are designed with kids in mind, providing the necessary care for growing feet.The Interpod Soft Long Foot Orthotic Posted PU Orthotics not only cater to children's needs but also offer a range of options suitable for different foot conditions. From flat feet to pronation issues, these orthotics provide the right support for young feet at every step.

With Interpod's commitment to quality and innovation, their orthotic insoles and devices have become synonymous with reliable orthotic solutions. Parents can trust Interpod to deliver orthotic support that is tailored to their child's specific foot health needs.The Interpod Soft range is made from Polyurethane which is 50% more shock absorbing than EVA. Full length and 3/4 length orthoses are available within the soft range in 3 arch heights - we also have children sizes available.The 3/4 soft range is only available in a moderate arch.

Interpod Soft orthotic is the ideal choice for patients requiring superior shock absorption, comfort and cushioning. The Interpod Soft orthotic is suitable for a range of clients requiring support and improved shock absorption – athletes, hikers, children, or the elderly.


The Interpod Soft Long Foot Orthotic - Posted PU Orthotics with Kids Options.


  • Polyurethane Material: The Interpod Soft Long Orthotics are made from polyurethane, which is 50% more shock-absorbing than EVA.

  • Rearfoot Wedging: The design includes rearfoot wedging to reduce the need for excessive arch height while maintaining support.

  • Comfort and Superior Shock Absorption: Polyurethane provides excellent shock absorption for patient comfort.

  • Lightweight and Easy Fitting: These orthotics are lightweight and easy to fit into various types of shoes.

  • Cuboid Notch and Plantar Fascial Groove: Designed for comfort and biomechanical alignment.


  • Moisture Diffusion: Keeps feet dry and comfortable.

  • Ideal for Bony Prominences: Assists those with bony prominences.

  • Superior Shock Absorption: Provides excellent cushioning during walking and standing.

  • Available in Full Length: Offers forefoot padding and support.

  • Resists Compression: Allows improved shock absorption.


  • Podiatry Clinics: Essential for managing foot conditions and promoting foot health.

  • Orthotic Foot Scanning: Perfect for creating custom orthotics based on 3D scans of the foot.

  • Patient-Centric Approach: Consider patient history and symptoms to determine the appropriate arch support level.

Remember, the Interpod Soft Long Foot Orthotic - Posted PU Orthotics with Kids Options provide versatile and shock-absorbing solutions for foot health


Sold in Pairs.


Choose comfort and support for your feet - try Interpod Soft Long Foot Orthotic now