Interpod Soft Long 4°

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Product Description

The Interpod Soft range is made from Polyurethane which is 50% more shock absorbing than EVA. Full length and 3/4 length orthoses are available within the soft range in 3 arch heights - we also have children sizes available.
*The 3/4 soft range is only available in a moderate arch 


  • Rearfoot wedging reduces the need for excessive arch height, while maintaining support.
  • Comfort and superior shock absorption Polyurethane.
  • Lightweight and easy fitting.
  • Rear foot wedge.
  • Cuboid notch.
  • Plantar fascial groove reduces arch irritation
  • Can be used extrinsically for diabetics.


  • Moisture diffusion.
  • Ideal in assisting those with bony prominences.
  • Superior shock absorbing capacity.
  • Available in Full length - provides excellent forefoot padding.
  • Resists compression allowing improved shock absorption.

Sold in pairs.


Supporting' the Foot with Interpod Orthotics

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