Interpod Slimtech Foot Orthotics for Tight Fitting and Ladies Footwear

Say goodbye to uncomfortable footwear with Interpod Slimtech Foot Orthotics!


This lightweight orthotic insert is ideal for use in men and women's dress shoes. Can also be used in running shoes, dancing pumps, football boots and any other tight fitting footwear design.

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Product Description

Interpod Slimtech Orthotics for Ladies Footwear:

Interpod Slimtech foot orthotics are the game-changer for those seeking comfort in tight-fitting and ladies' footwear. These slimtech orthotic insoles provide unparalleled foot support without compromising style or fit.

Designed specifically for tight-fitting shoes, Interpod Slimtech orthotics offer a discreet solution to common foot problems. Their slim profile ensures a perfect fit in ladies' footwear, making them the go-to choice for those looking to enhance comfort without sacrificing style.

Reviews rave about the effectiveness of Slimtech orthotic inserts, praising their superior foot support and cushioning. Whether you need extra arch support or simply want to improve overall foot health, Slimtech footbeds deliver on their promise of comfort and stability.


The Interpod Slimtech Foot Orthotics are specifically designed for tight-fitting and ladies’ footwear.


  • Rigid, Lightweight Design: The Slimtech orthotic insert combines rigidity with a lightweight structure.

  • Ideal for Dress Shoes: Perfect for use in both men’s and women’s dress shoes.

  • Versatile Application: Can also be used in running shoes, dancing pumps, football boots, and any other tight-fitting footwear designs.

  • Polypropylene Construction: Made from durable polypropylene material.

  • Heat Mouldable: Customizable to fit individual foot contours.

  • Self-Adhesive EVA Top Cover: Included for added comfort.


  • Comfort and Support: Provides comfort and support in tight-fitting shoes.

  • Orthotic Customization: Fine-tune the orthotic support based on individual needs.

  • Lightweight: Doesn’t add bulk or weight to the footwear.

  • Suitable for Business Shoes: Ideal for both men’s and women’s business or dress shoes.

Common Uses:

  • Dress Shoes: Enhance comfort and stability in formal footwear.

  • Sports Footwear: Suitable for running shoes, football boots, and other athletic footwear.

  • Special Fitting Shoes: Designed for tight-fitting or specialty sports shoes.


HIGH Stiffness: Orthotics Used for HIGH supination resistance results. Patients requiring added support without extra rearfoot or midfoot orthotic shell height. Can be used with a firm heel lift to speed up the Centre of Pressure.

LOW Stiffness: Orthotics Used for LOW supination result. Patients with increased forefoot stiffness. Assists the forefoot to rotate about the fifth met giving a higher GIB test result. Can be used with a soft heel lift to reduce the speed of the Centre of Pressure.

  • 3 or 4 Degree Rear foot wedge.
  • High or Low stiffness options.
  • Plantar fascia groove.
  • 1st Ray cut out and declination.
  • 2mm self adhesive top cover.
  • Specifically designed for tight fitting shoes.
  • Ideal for men and women's business or dress shoes, running shoes, football boots, cycling shoes or special fitting shoes for sports.

Interpod self-adhesive top covers come as standard with FLEX LOW/HIGH Devices.



Step into comfort today with Interpod Slimtech Foot Orthotics and never compromise on style or comfort again!

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