Interpod Flex 6° Foot Orthotic with Deep Heel Cup

Struggling with foot pain? Find relief with Interpod Flex 6° Foot Orthotic!


Experience unparalleled support and comfort with the Interpod Flex 6° Foot Orthotic. Designed for maximum control, this rigid orthotic features a deep heel cup to provide stability and reduce pain associated with various foot conditions.

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Product Description

Interpod Flex 6° Foot Orthotic with Deep Heel Cup:

The Interpod Flex 6° Foot Orthotic with Deep Heel Cup is the go-to choice for individuals seeking maximum control and support in their foot orthotics. Designed as a rigid device, this orthotic excels in providing stability and alignment for those with specific needs such as pronation, supination, flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis, overpronation, and more.

Whether you are an athlete looking for enhanced performance or someone dealing with foot pain seeking relief, the Interpod Flex 6° is a versatile solution. Its deep heel cup ensures optimal support and cushioning while promoting proper foot alignment during activities like sports or running.

For podiatrists and individuals alike, this custom biomechanical foot orthotic offers superior foot support and alignment benefits. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to improved mobility with the Interpod Flex 6° Foot Orthotic - your ultimate choice for reliable foot pain relief and enhanced performance.


The Interpod Flex 6° Foot Orthotic with Deep Heel Cup is a rigid device designed for situations where maximum control is required.


  • Polypropylene Construction: Made from durable polypropylene material.

  • Flexible Shell: Provides comfort and shock attenuation.

  • Shank Independent: Allows for independent movement of the shank.

  • Rear Foot Wedge: Helps address pronation moments around the subtalar joint.

  • Cuboid Notch: Supports the cuboid bone.

  • Plantar Fascial Groove: Aids in decreasing arch irritation.

  • Heat Mouldable: Can be customized to fit individual foot contours.

  • Thin and Light: Slim fit for comfort in various shoe types.

  • Self-Adhesive EVA Top Covers: Included in the pack for added comfort.


  • Easy Adjustments: Polypropylene is easy to grind and adjust.

  • Durable: Extremely durable and long-lasting.

  • Shock Absorption: The flexible shell provides shock attenuation.

  • Adaptable: Easy attachment of additions using contact glue.

  • Multiple Cover Options: Comes with both full-length and ¾-length top covers.

  • Suitable for All Shoes: Thin and light design ensures comfort across different footwear.


  • Maximum Control Situations: Ideal for heavy patients and sports activities.

  • Flat Feet: Provides stability and support for flat feet.

  • Postural Balance: Aids in reestablishing balance in the body’s posture.

The Flex is the closest option available to a custom-made orthotic and is made from durable polypropylene.
Independent research concluded that; "There is no difference between custom-made orthoses and Interpod prefabricated foot orthoses for patients comfort and fit to footwear."


Please Note: This product is no longer sold with a 3/4 length top cover. 



Take control of your foot health today - try the Interpod Flex 6° Foot Orthotic and step into a world of comfort and relief

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