Interpod Heel Lifts - Designed for Interpod Soft Lines

Are you tired of uncomfortable footwear?


Introducing Interpod Heel Lifts, specially crafted for Interpod Soft Lines. These heel lifts provide unparalleled comfort and support, ensuring you can walk or stand for hours without any discomfort. Say goodbye to achy feet

Sold: Pack of 5 Pairs

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Product Description

Interpod Heel Lifts:

Interpod Heel Lifts are the perfect complement to the Interpod Soft Lines range, offering exceptional support and comfort for those in need of heel elevation inserts. Designed with podiatry precision, these orthotic heel lifts provide targeted relief for foot pain and discomfort.

The adjustable and cushioned design of Interpod Heel Lifts ensures a custom fit and enhanced support, making them an essential addition to your foot care routine. Compatible with Interpod Soft Lines and other podiatry accessories, these heel lifts offer a seamless integration into your daily footwear.

Experience the difference with Interpod Heel Lifts – your solution for superior foot support and pain relief.


The Interpod Heel Lifts, specifically designed for use with Interpod Soft Lines.


  • Fine-Tuning Orthotic Additions: Interpod Heel Lifts are used to fine-tune and improve orthotic prescription outcomes.

  • Ankle Dorsiflexion and Leg Length Differences: These heel lifts benefit individuals with decreased ankle dorsiflexion and leg length differences. They help address these issues effectively.

  • Rearfoot Wedges: They can also be used as rearfoot wedges on the orthotic heel to increase control.

  • Polypropylene Construction: Made from durable polypropylene material.

  • Heat Mouldable: Can be customized to fit individual foot contours.

  • Available in Packs: Sold in packs of 5 pairs.


  • Improved Orthotic Support: By addressing ankle dorsiflexion and leg length differences, these heel lifts enhance orthotic support.

  • Increased Ankle Dorsiflexion: They contribute to better ankle movement.

  • Control Enhancement: When used as rearfoot wedges, they increase control and stability.

Common Uses:

  • Orthotic Prescription Refinement: Fine-tune orthotic prescriptions for optimal results.

  • Managing Leg Length Discrepancies: Address differences in leg length effectively.

  • Support for Flat Feet: Useful for individuals with flat feet.

  • Sports and Active Lifestyles: Ideal for heavy patients and sports activities.

Interpod orthotic additions are used to fine-tune and improve orthotic prescription outcomes. 

Decreased ankle dorsiflexion and leg length differences benefits from the use of a heel lift, they also increase ankle dorsiflexion. They are also used as rearfoot wedges on the orthotic heel to increase control.


Pack of 5 pairs.



Upgrade your footwear with Interpod Heel Lifts today and experience the ultimate comfort your feet deserve