Interpod Diabetic Foot Orthotic Insoles

Say goodbye to diabetic foot pain!


Interpod Diabetic Foot Orthotic Insoles are specially designed to provide ultimate comfort and support for those suffering from diabetes. With advanced cushioning and arch support, these insoles help alleviate foot pain, reduce pressure points, and improve overall foot health.

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Product Description

Interpod Diabetic Foot Orthotic Insoles:

The Interpod diabetic orthotic insoles gains its advantage over other foot orthoses due to the superior rear foot and mid foot support, offloading weight from the heel and forefoot. The polyurethane base is a proven superior shock absorbing material capable of reducing and transferring unwanted pressure from prominent bony structures.

The arch profile of the orthotic insoles was developed by Interpod to ensure superior patient comfort and therefore patient compliance. The PORON 96 top cover sets a new level of advanced underfoot comfort technology. The slow rebound quality of the material cradles the foot and allows enhanced redistribution of body weight over the foots plantar surface.


Interpod Diabetic Foot Orthotic Insoles are designed to provide support and relief for individuals with diabetes-related foot conditions. 


  • Cradle Functionality: Offers a slow rebound that cradles the foot, enhancing the distribution of body weight across the plantar surface
  • Inverted Rearfoot: Improves biomechanical function and enhances the windlass effect
  • Moderate Arch Height: The 6° moderate arch height provides adequate support for most patients
  • PORON 96 Top Cover: Sets a new level of advanced underfoot comfort and technology


  • Pressure Redistribution: Helps in offloading weight from the heel and forefoot, which is crucial for diabetic patients
  • Shock Absorption: The polyurethane base is a superior shock-absorbing material, reducing pressure from bony structures
  • Support: Offers superior rearfoot and midfoot support, which is beneficial for diabetic foot care

Medical Conditions or When to Use:

  • Diabetic Foot Care: Specifically designed for the early stages of diabetic foot syndrome and for patients who require safe shoes that ensure necessary pressure redistribution
  • Postoperative Care: Can be used in the postoperative phase after toe and/or forefoot surgery to provide support and aid in recovery

These insoles are a key component in managing diabetic foot conditions and preventing complications. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure they fit your specific medical requirements and to use them as directed for the best outcomes.



Don't let diabetes hold you back. Invest in your foot health today with Interpod Diabetic Foot Orthotic Insoles!