NeuroFlex® Restorative Cervical Extension

NeuroFlex Restorative Cervical Extension Forward

Product Description

Provides support and helps to manage head alignment and upper-body posture.


Treats forward head/upper body posture.

NeuroFlex® Restorative Cervical Extension Features:

  • Attached to back of VertebrEase TLSO or Safe Spine TLSO.   
  • Comfortable, non-rigid.  
  • Heat mouldable for an exact fit.
  • Use while walking or sitting.
  • One size fits most.
  • High-temperature plastic headpiece and vertical slat can be remoulded by your health professional to provide the best fit.
  • The padded headpiece is attached to the vertical slat.
  • Wide forehead strap holds the head comfortably.
  • Flex Technology vertical slat is flexible to gradually bring the neck back toward the upright position.