Kaltostat Haemostatic Sterile Dressing | Non-adherent | Exuding wounds and Ulcers


Sterile absorbent haemostatic wound dressing ideal for heavily exuding wounds including ulcers and acute wounds. 

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Product Description
Sterile absorbent haemostatic wound dressing (Calcium-Sodium Alginate) ideal for heavily exuding wounds including ulcers and acute wounds. 
Kaltostat Sterile dressing is an alginate dressing indicated as a primary dressing for moderately to highly exuding chronic and acute wounds, and for wounds with minor bleeding. On contact with exudates the dressing gradually forms a firm, moist gel which is highly absorbent. This product does not contain latex.
Although wound exudate plays a crucial role in the healing process by providing a moist wound environment, high exudate levels may delay ulcer healing, especially in hard-to-heal ulcers. Dressing types and their mode of action are critical factors that can influence clinical practice.

Kaltostat Haemostatic Sterile Dressings Features & Benefits:

  • Supports moist wound healing environment.
  • Non-adherent to wound surface allowing for easy, non-traumatic removal.
  • Longer wear time than conventional dressings, therefore cost-effective.
  • Haemostatic – helps stop minor bleeding.
Indications for Use: 
  • Chronic wounds: leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and fungating lesions.
  • Acute wounds: donor sites and abrasions.

Instructions for use

Kaltostat can be cut or folded to the wound size, applied directly and held in place with an appropriate secondary dressing like Advapore.

The selection of the secondary dressing will be determined by the condition of the wound.

  1. For heavily exuding wounds, an absorbent dressing pad may be required; but as the wound heals and exudate production is reduced, a thinner pad bearing a low adherence plastic film may help to conserve moisture and prevent the dressing drying out too quickly.
  2. Forn lightly exuding wounds, the alginate may be covered with a semipermeable film.

The dressing can be removed with forceps or the gloved fingers, after first soaking with sterile normal saline if required.

The dressing should be changed when the maximum absorbency of the alginate fibre has been reached or when strike-through of the secondary dressing occurs. Daily changes may be required during the early stages of treatment but the frequency of dressing changes may be reduced as healing progresses. Kaltostat should not be left on longer than 7 days without changing.

Wounds that show signs of clinical infection may be dressed with Kaltostat, but should be changed daily. Use a non-adhesive secondary dressing and adjuvant therapy should be initiated as appropriate.

Pack Size: Pack of 10.

Size: 5cm x 5cm.