DARCO Body Armor Pro Term Foot Stump

DARCO Body Armor Pro Term Foot Stump For foot amputees.
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Product Description

Body Armor® Pro Term Foot Stump Orthosis.

  • Suitable for the right and left foot.
  • Available in Medium (16 cm) and Large (19 cm)

DARCO's Body Armor Pro Term is a provisional orthosis for use after Chopart and Lisfranc amputations. Transmission of the load to the proximal foot is ensured by the wedge-shaped outer sole and the inner sole. The robust cross ankle shaft stabilizes both the talocrural and talocalcaneal joints.

Built-in adjustable air cushions allow this orthopedic device to adjust to fully fit and support the stump of the foot. The ventral support tongue provides compression in an extended area thanks to the variable closure system. The mounted orthosis can be customized to meet the individual needs of the patient.

The two-piece insole, composed of an EVA rope and an EVA / PE sole, is interchangeable or customizable as required.

Indications: Diabetic foot syndrome, PAOD (peripheral arterial occlusive disease), Trauma, Postoperatively for treatment following Chopart amputations and Lisfranc amputations.