DARCO TwinShoe

The DARCO TwinShoe is a matching and balancing shoe designed to equalize the different leg lengths that occur when wearing most post-operative shoes.

Used to lessen the height discrepancy when wearing an orthopaedic device making walking easier and safer.

As low as £13.80

Product Description

The TwinShoe is a perfect complement to the well-known products such as the OrthoWedge and OrthoWedge Light forefoot offloading shoes, HeelWedge® heel offloading shoe, Body Armor® Walker II cast replacement and the WCS™ long-term healing shoe.

Do not spend time applying and removing complicated height adjustments. Simply slip it on like any other shoe and go!

DARCO TwinShoe Features & Benefits:

  • For quick mobilisation after foot surgery.
  • Reduces the discomfort and imbalance that can be associated with wearing a post-operative shoe.
  • Perfect compliment to the well known products such as the OrthoWedge and HeelWedge offloading shoes.
  • Strapless fastening system which can be removed and rotated to provide a left or right overlap with an additional ankle strap to give further comfortable fitting.
  • Sole height: 36 mm

Indications for Use:

• To compliment a healing shoe (such as a forefoot off-loading shoe); equalises leg lengths.

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