DARCO All Round Long Term Closed Shoe


From Post-Op to Wound care, the “Allrounder” is a comprehensive healing shoe, a relief shoe and a rehabilitation shoe. All-in-one design for comfort and ease of use. (Sold individually)

As low as £60.00
Product Description

The DARCO All Round healing shoe was designed to aid in the mobility of individuals with wide-ranging concerns and those with specific requirements. With all the features that matter most.

From Post-op to wound care, the “All rounder” is a comprehensive healing and relief shoe as well as a rehabilitation shoe, an all-in-one design for comfort and ease of use.

Product Features & Benefits:

•  Slip-resistant sole allows for easier mobility without compromising stability.
•  Sandwich sole construct combines firmness for stability and a cushioned sole for softer landings, offering great shock absorption.
•  Shoe upper is a light-weight, breathable nylon fabric that repels water and soil.
•  Multi-layered closure for protection and a secure fit.
•  Removable insoles plus ample space to accommodate individual needs.
•  Spacious boot design for custom Insoles or bulky bandages and can even accommodate diabetic foot insoles.
•  Soft breathable fabric with adjustable hook and loop closure.
•  Long ridged internal plate promoting weight distribution.
•  Extra wide opening - seamless comfort-zone.
•  No height compensation necessary.
•  Can be worn on the right or the left foot.

Indications for Use:

•  Post-operative care.
•  Wound care.
•  Arthritis
•  Foot in risk category 0, 1 or 2 according to the German Diabetes Association Guideline