DARCO Puzzle Insole

Allows an effective offloading of the plantar aspect of the foot by simply replacing the modules.

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Product Description

Both EVA-foam soles only differ in grade of shore-stiffness. Three replaceable modules (little toe module, hallux module, and centrepiece) can be exchanged individually depending on the most different indications.

Compatible with DARCO MedSurg, MedSurg Pro®, Relief Dual® shoes

The modular insole was developed for plantar pressure redistribution with specific use after forefoot and midfoot-operations. By simply replacing the interchangeable modules, the patient can achieve the perfect pressure distribution for each indication. Additional pressure relief of up to 22% in the front is affected by the wedge-shaped sole, that tapers toward the heel.
  • Small Toe Module (narrow)
    Tailor’s bunion.
    Jones fracture.
  • Large Toe Module (wide)
    osteotomy: austin, scarf, akin, youngswick, etc.
    Arthrodesis: lapidus, MTP joint and base joint of the large toe.
  • Middle Module
    Weil and/or helal osteotomy I – IV.
    Morton’s neuroma.
    Hammertoe, Tailor’s Bunion correction.
    PIP arthrodesis.

DARCO Puzzle Insole Features and Benefits:

  • For selective off-loading and acute treatments.
  • Interchangeable components.
  • Each Puzzle Insole® system includes a black high-density EVA-sole and a blue lower density sole.
  • Universal Right and left fit.