DARCO Body Armor Heel Reliever (Smooth) | Prevention and healing of heel pressure ulcers, diabetic foot syndrome, decubitus

The Body Armor Heel Reliever can easily be customised to suit the needs of each patient for targeted pressure relief.

Product Description

Fully adjustable (One-Size-Fits-All)

Effective pressure relief in the heel area for supine patients.

The Body Armor Heel Reliever redistributes heel pressure to the heel cord and gastrosoleus complex in the calf.

The heel area is completely free of all contact pressure. The heel “floats” freely in a pressure-free zone.



  • Prevention and healing of heel pressure ulcers as well as diabetic foot syndrome and decubitus
  • Braden scale scores of fourteen or less
  • Diabetes with neurological sensory deficit
  • Pedal pulse not palpable
  • Paraplegia
  • Prolonged immobility or coma

Please note the differences in product specification:

Convoluted Foam (NV3340)

The convoluted foam design results in better air circulation and, thus, ensures a pleasant cooling affect. 

Smooth Foam (NV3340-1)

The smooth foam version was developed especially for sensitive skin. This is particularly suitable for diabetes patients. This helps to prevent the formation of oedema.