Podotrack Foot Impression Sheets

Each impression (one sheet for each foot) reveals foot type.
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Product Description

Create Foot Impressions and identify foot deformities at an early stage.

Stepping on Podotrack’s pressure sensitive paper creates an immediate, clear imprint of the customer’s footprint. Each impression (one sheet for each foot) reveals foot type – the distinctive contours of a high arch, flat foot or the neutral foot structure – all without the use of messy inks or expensive computer software.

The detailed print which has been made is now visible on the pattern printed on the bottom sheet. You can measure the areas of the various pressure regions. If desired, outline these pressure areas with a water-soluble ink marker.

Foot type to shoe type in just 60 seconds with Podotrack

Only Podotrack impression paper can dynamically identify foot type in less than 60 seconds. All your customer needs to do is step on and off this unique 'pressure sensitive paper'. This simple walking motion provides you with a permanent foot imprint for sizing and fitting your customer to just the right shoe – without messy inks or expensive computer software.

Podotrack offers these important advantages:

For you customers or patients
• Instant biomechanical analysis
• Helps to ensure a better-fitting shoe or foot orthotic
• Offers the potential to identify serious foot problems*

For your business or clinic
• Competitive advantage - better diagnostics means better shoe fit
• Customer Education
• Permanent documentation of customer’s foot deformities

*A proper fitting shoe is essential for those customers with diabetes, particularly those with a high arch. 

100 Sheets per box.