LIMP - Leg Length Discrepancy Tool



Say goodbye to leg pain and discomfort!


Introducing LIMP - the Leg Length Discrepancy Tool designed to help you alleviate leg length discrepancy issues. Whether you're an athlete, a runner, or just someone looking for better comfort and gait, LIMP is here to support you.

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Product Description

LIMP - Leg Length Discrepancy Tool features:

Certainly! The Leg Inequality Measurement Pad (LIMP), also known as the Limb Length Tool, is a valuable measuring device used by healthcare professionals to assess leg length inequality via the indirect method of measurement. Here are the key details about the LIMP:

  • Design and Composition:

    • The LIMP consists of 8 layers of vinyl material, each layer measuring 3mm thick.
    • A total of 24mm for the foot-shaped stack. The layers are easily separated by peeling from the toe, and reattached by simply stacking the pieces back together.
    • These layers are tinted for visibility.
    • When stacked, the LIMP forms a foot-shaped structure.
  • Purpose:

    • The primary purpose of the LIMP is to determine leg length inequality.
    • It provides an easy and reliable way to measure the discrepancy between the lengths of the legs.
  • Method of Measurement:

    1. The patient stands on the LIMP.
    2. The healthcare professional observes the position of the pelvis.
    3. Blocks are added under the shorter leg until the pelvis becomes level.
    4. The number of blocks used indicates the degree of leg length discrepancy.
  • Clinical Applications:

    • Orthopedics: Useful for assessing leg length differences in patients with various conditions, including congenital disorders, trauma, and musculoskeletal abnormalities.
    • Custom Orthotics: Helps in designing custom orthotic solutions to address leg length discrepancies.


Don't let leg length discrepancy hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards better alignment and comfort with LIMP today!


The LIMP is a practical tool that aids in accurate measurements and contributes to effective treatment planning. Whether for clinical assessments or research purposes, it plays a crucial role in managing leg length variations.

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