Podotech Stars Capella

Orthotic Insoles with ¾ Length. Layer of EVA & Neoprene through the heel & arch, and Neoprene throughout the forefoot.



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Podotech Stars
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Product Description

Capella Orthotic Insoles Features:

A 3/4 quarter length device (not shown in image - but no forefoot)

Good for older patients and sports patients due to the shock absorbing top cover and flexible shell.

Ready to be prescribed, or can be modified by in-workshop heating. 

Covered with an antimicrobial high-rebound EVA top cover.

This OTC orthotic is extrinsically posted 3 degrees varus with a 12mm heel cup to control pronation.

Hole in heel filled with poron for additional padding.

Non-slip rubber base.

Just one product within our Podotech Stars range.


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