Valgus Pad - Medium Firm - Rise to Rear

Support and alignment correction to promote proper foot alignment and posture

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Product Description

What is a valgus pad?

Valgus Pads are components for professional use designed to correct valgus alignment issues in orthotics like insoles.

Valgus alignment is the inward tilting of the foot, and these pads are designed to provide corrective support in orthotic insoles.

They provide effective support and alignment correction to promote proper foot alignment and posture and reduce the common discomfort associated.

We offer a range of densities and shapes. While medium densities and above offer a rise of the pads, low density pads provide cushioning and more comfort for the feet, relieving pressure, pain and daily discomfort. Density pads with hardness of 35 - 40 (Shore A) can be particularly beneficial for individuals with foot pronation, over-pronation as well as arch strain.

Made of synthetic latex (no natural rubber) minimise the risk of allergies.

How to use

The pads are placed in the medial longitudinal arch in the feet. This helps to correct the roll of the foot and position it back to a more natural walking stance. Trace the outline of the pad on the area you choose, marking against your insole.

With a forefoot valgus abnormality, measure the angle where the plantar plane of the forefoot is everted relative to the plantar plane of the rearfoot when the subtalar joint is in neutral position. The angle of forefoot valgus measurement needs to match the pad position under the plantar metatarsal area, with the thickest part of the wedge proximal to the 5th metatarsal head.

Use a spray adhesive like Orthafix Spray Adhesive, contact adhesive like Orthabond or double-sided tape to attach the pad to the shoe or orthotic aid like daily use insoles.

Top covers are also available

Shapes and Sizes

Our pads are available in different shapes and sizes. Please download the PDF table for details.

Pack of 5 pairs

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