Otoform KC 800g + 20ml Hardener Paste + Measuring Spoon


Otoform KC is an impression silicone used for moulding a variety of appliances including Inter-digital toe orthoses.

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Product Description

Otoform KC Medical Device Silicone

Otoform-KC is an impression silicone used in the Podiatry market for moulding interdigital wedges, separators, dorsal toe protectors and orthodigital splints. It is a soft and easily kneadable impression material, which when used with the 'catalyst hardening paste' achieves a putty-like consistency. Otoform is also used in Audiology for custom hearing aid fitting.

It remains in this form for a period of time ranging from 1-5 minutes. During which, the practitioner can fabricate a device into shape before setting begins.

The non-greasy formula is particularly pleasant to handle and popular with patients.


    1.    Silicone-Based: Otoform KC is a two-component, addition-curing silicone material.
    2.    Medium Viscosity: It has a medium consistency, making it easy to handle and manipulate during the impression-taking process.
    3.    High Precision: The material is known for its ability to capture fine details, providing accurate impressions.
    4.    Biocompatible: It is safe for use on the skin and within the ear canal, reducing the risk of allergic reactions or irritation.

Each Pack Includes:

Otoform KC 800 grams (584 ml Tub)
20ml Hardener Paste
Measuring spoon

Silicone Modelling with Otoform

We stock a wide range of silicones, each with different properties and applications. Otoform is the most popular silicone we supply and has many applications.

Below are some examples of appliances that can be made quickly and easily with Otoform. Each type of silicone requires different rations of putty and catalyst, so please refer to individual manufacturers recommended guidelines prior to use.


Education & Training (Podiatry):

Additional training is available for our complete range of silicone products. Please contact us for further information.


Audiology Applications:

Hearing Aids: Otoform KC is commonly used to create precise ear impressions for custom-moulded hearing aids. The accurate fit ensures comfort and optimal performance of the hearing device.

Earplugs: It is also used to make custom earplugs for noise protection, swimming, or sleeping. Custom earplugs provide a better fit and superior noise attenuation compared to generic options.

Medical Earmoulds: Utilised in the production of earmoulds for medical devices, such as in-ear monitors for patients with specific medical conditions.