Moleskin Podiatry Padding | Roll Format | Premium Foot Felt - 25cm x 3m


Made from 100% cotton with hypoallergenic adhesive.

Sold: One Roll - 25cm x 3m

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Sold: One Roll - 25cm x 3m

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Product Description

Moleskin Roll Features:

Moleskin Roll made from 100% cotton with hypoallergenic adhesive. 

Moleskin is a versatile material extensively used in podiatry for various foot-related issues. Its soft, cushioned texture makes it an ideal choice for preventing friction and blisters caused by footwear. Podiatrists often recommend moleskin padding to alleviate discomfort and provide relief from conditions like bunions, corns, calluses, and blisters. By adhering moleskin directly onto the affected areas, it acts as a protective barrier, reducing friction between the skin and shoes, thereby minimizing pain and allowing the skin to heal. Additionally, moleskin’s customizable nature enables podiatrists to tailor its size and shape according to the patient’s specific foot contours, ensuring a more comfortable and effective solution for their foot problems.

Furthermore, moleskin’s hypoallergenic properties make it suitable for most individuals, reducing the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions. Its ease of use and ability to adhere firmly without causing further discomfort to the skin make it a preferred choice in podiatric care. The versatility of moleskin extends beyond its use as a protective padding; it also serves as an effective aid in preventing pressure points, redistributing weight, and providing cushioning in various areas of the foot, thereby promoting better foot health and overall comfort for patients seeking podiatric treatment.

  • A cost-effective Moleskin made from 100% cotton with hypoallergenic adhesive.
  • Provides a thin padding solution for painful and uncomfortable ailments including, Bunions and Blisters.
  • Tip: When protecting/cushioning Blisters, cut a hole in the centre so the fabric does not adhere to the blister directly. The thickness of the surrounding moleskin will protect the blister from further friction.

Thickness: 0.5mm.
Pack Size: One Roll.
Size: 25cm x 3m.

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