Bodytonix Protect Pneumatic Walker

Versatile walker designed for the treatment of stable fractures of the lower leg, foot and ankle, severe ankle pains and generally for post-operative use.
As low as £53.28

Product Description

Bodytonix Protect Pneumatic Walker Features & Benefits:

  • Rocker bottom design assists gait and decrease heel-strike force on Calcaneus.
  • Contoured strut design provides better support and fit.
  • 17" height.
  • Front and back panels for superior protection.
  • Inflatable air-cells provide further support while reducing swelling and under-cast pressures.
  • Simple fitting of hook and loop straps allow for bespoke adjustment of the brace to the leg.
  • Enclosed toe cover provides even further protection.
  • Designed for ankle sprains; stable fracture of the Fibula, Talus, Calcaneus and medical malleolus; Post ligament, soft tissue and Tendon sugery; Forefoot or mid foot injury.