Ice and Hot Reusable Pack - Ideal for Sports Injury

Ideal help for use on all injuries that require hot or cold therapy.

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Product Description

Large mouth screw top, High quality, Safely holds ice or hot water, Available in 3 sizes, Ideal for all sports injuries.

Good for the Planet: Traditional Screw Top closing that uses regular ice cubes is the most environmentally friendly option compared to some other types of ice packs, that are instantly disposable or have limited lifespan.
Hot and Cold: Can be used with Ice, cold water or even hot water when looking to provide heat therapy to an injury. When the pack cools or becomes warm, just recharge it with hot or cold ingredients - e.g. ice or hot water.

Biodegradability: Ice cubes are typically made of water, which is a natural substance and will naturally break down in the environment without causing harm. If you care, you care. Modern looking disposables are ruining our world.

No Chemicals or Plastics: Ice cubes do not contain harmful chemicals or plastics, which means they won't release harmful substances into the environment as they melt. This bag will live longer than you.

Ideal for all sports injuries: Athletes frequently use ice packs to treat sports-related injuries, such as muscle strains, tendonitis, and overuse injuries. The cooling effect can help alleviate pain and aid in recovery.

Physioworx Hot/Cold Bag:

  • The ice bag features a large mouth screw top to safely hold ice or hot water when using for hot/cold therapy.
  • Fill the durable bag with ice cubes or ice-cold water and place the bag onto the affected area to improve recovery.
  • The pleated design allows the bag fabric to conform to the contours of the body for maximum comfort and effectiveness.
  • Applying cold compression immediately following an injury drastically improves recovery times.
  • The bag is reusable, economical, and easy to use for all body parts.
  • Screw Top closing
  • For use with Hot water or ice cubes
  • Ideal for all sports injuries

Availability: 15cm, 23cm and 28cm diameter.