360° Foot File


Foot file for calluses and dead skin on the foot. Ideal to maintain smooth feet.

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Product Description

This 360⁰ Foot File is ideal for use on calluses and dead skin on the feet and can be used both in the shower and when dry. The 360⁰ effective surface and oblong shape provides easy grip and reaches all parts of the foot. The soft interior flexes to conform to the foots shape, and is ideal to maintain soft feet.

When to use Foot File

This foot file is ideal for removing calluses or dead skin on the foot and is ideal to help maintain smooth feet.


How to use the Foot File

Ensure that the feet are clean. Rub the affected foot with the file removing any dry, rough or callused skin.

Foot files are used to remove calluses and smooth the skin of the feet, and some people regard them as an important part of foot care. Regular use of a foot file can help to keep the feet smooth and pleasant, and it can reduce discomfort from oversized calluses.

Foot files come in a range of styles designed for different applications, ranging from fine glass files for finishing touches to rough files, which are almost like graters for the feet. For people who take foot filing seriously, a range of foot files may be used during a foot care session, with a rough file to remove especially large calluses, and a fine file to smooth the foot at the end of the session.

Always read product information leaflet before use.