Reinforced Aflex DORSI Joints

Long-lasting orthosis for walking AFO with dorsi flexion assist.
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Product Description

Reinforced Aflex DORSI Joints Features:

  • Recommended for walking AFO with dorsi flexion assist.
  • At rest, the orthosis puts itself in slight dorsiflexion.
  • During swing phase, the joints’ natural elasticity forces dorsilexion and liberates more space for dropped foot step completion.
  • Reinforced by a Kevlar fibre braid.
  • Long-lasting, tested in hard conditions.
Kit contains:
A - 2 joints with built-in nuts.
B - 4 stainless steel screws.
C - 1 retaining washer.
D - 2 posterior stops.
E - 2 molding dummies with 4 nails.
Sold per Pair.
Code  Product Length x Width Hardness
SF5410 Child 40mm x 14mm A90
SF5412 Adult 44mm x 16mm A90
SF5414 Child 40mm x 14mm A80
SF5416 Adult 44mm x 16mm A80
SF5418 Child 40mm x 14mm A70
SF5420 Adult 44mm x 16mm A70