Bodytonix Solid AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotic)

For use in drop foot due to peroneal nerve injury or sciatica nerve lesion.

As low as £13.20

Product Description

The bracing effect of this AFO is a non-invasive low-cost way to hold the foot into normal position, not allowing it to drag on the ground.

For drop foot use due to peroneal nerve injury or sciatica nerve lesion and in painful conditions of the foot and ankle.

Clinician direction is fully advised when using this product - A custom device may be more suitable.

Bodytonix AFO (Ankle Foot Orthtoic) Features & benefits:

  • Pre-fabricated polypropylene ankle-foot orthosis.
  • Made of durable polypropylene material, designed specifically for right or left foot.
  • Provide a dorsiflexion assist while walking.
  • Low profile and easy to trim with scissors.
  • Good 1st line device to monitor seriousness of condition.

Sizing Guidance: 
Size Women's Foot Size (cm) Men's Foot Size (cm)
Small (8-15cm) (13-19cm)
Medium (15-23cm) (19-27cm)
Large (23-30cm)    (27-33cm)
XLarge (30cm+) (33cm+)