X-Tension STATIC Resistance Band (No Stretch)

X-tension is a post fitting/fabrication dorsiflexion limiter for custom AFOs.


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Product Description

X-tension is first to market with the development of post fitting/fabrication dorsiflexion limiter for custom AFOs.

It is designed to prevent drop off at terminal stance by resisting (Dynamic X-tension) or stopping (Static X-tension) tibial progression over the foot.

X-tension bands come in Dynamic or Static options in both pediatric and adult sizes.

Static X-tension bands come in one thickness and rigidly lock the AFO.

Consider treating those sagittal plane compensations with knee extension, and flexion deficits, by increasing single limb stance stability and overall ambulatory confidence in your patient.

X-Tension Static Benefits:

    • Rigidly locks the AFO
    • Stops dorsiflexion through stance phase

X-Tension Static Indications:

    • Recurvatum
    • Knee flexion instability
    • Lack of tibial progression
    • Shortened contralateral step length
    • Externally rotated foot projection angles
    • Decreased single limb stance stability
    • Decreased 3rd rocker power
    • Slow cadence