Night Splint with Heel Support | Low Profile, Firm Fit Device - Super Comfortable

Low profile orthosis to help managing Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis at night.

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Product Description

Low profile orthosis to help managing Plantar fasciitis at night. It can also be used to help Achilles tendinopathy, Posterior tibial tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, Metatarsalgia, Post-static pain, Hallux limitus, Sesamoiditis and Calcaneal Spur.

3 fasteners secure the foot.

Bodytonix Night Splint with Heel Support Features:

  • Anatomical fit.
  • Soft adjustable straps.
  • Dorsal shell.
  • Heel support
  • 90° dorsiflexion.
  • Soft lined foam interior.
  • Soft foam padded interfaces.
  • Flexible and lightweight.

Bodytonix Night Splint with Heel Support Benefits:

  • Holds the foot in place without sacrificing comfort or mobility.
  • The 3 adjustable straps are quick and easy to use, providing a secure and comfortable fit.
  • ABS platic plate.
  • Sole made with Non-slip silicone material
  • Heel is supported and secured.
  • Stretching and increasing flexibility in the calf reduces the risk of further strain and tearing of the plantar fascia.
  • Soft lined foam interfaces provide maximum comfort during sleep.
  • Hand washable components.
  • Universal fit (left or right)


  • Although this product permits inhouse ambulation, you should not walk or attempt to place weight on the foot while using this splint without approval from your physician.
  • Do not use outdoors, or on slippery or uneven surfaces.
Sizes Women Men
S/M 5" to 9" (up to 5.5 UK size) 6 to 10" (up to 9 UK size)
L/XL 9.5"-14" (over 6 UK size) 10.5"-15" (over 9.5 UK size)


How to use your Night Splint

  • The night splint is designed to reduce the morning pain in your foot.
  • The function of the night splint is to eliminate the painful morning stretching process by not allowing foot drop and the accompanying muscle tightening.
  • When donning the splint make certain your heel is well seated inside the heel of the splint.
  • Once the ankle is secure, the calf strap can be secured.
  • Lastly, the strap above the ball of the foot is to be secured.
  • The tow wedge should be positioned so that your toes are bending up at the creases.
  • The splint is designed for nightwear, an in bed. The device is not designed for walking.
  • The plastic part of the splint can easily be cleaned with soap and water. The liner can be laundered, or hand washed. The liner should drip-dry to ensure no shrinkage. Ideally, the liner can be cleaned in the morning and left to dry all day and be ready to use at night.
  • The straps are to be pulled snug, but not so tight as to cut the skin or cut off circulation. A good test is to be able to comfortably slide a finger or two easily under the strap.
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