DARCO Body Armor Embrace Ankle Brace

Applied during the acute phase of injury as well as during the process of rehabilitation.
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Product Description

The DARCO Body Armor® Embrace is an ankle joint orthosis which is applied during the acute phase of injury as well as during the process of rehabilitation. 

Indications for use:

  • Distorsion trauma of the upper ankle joint.
  • Conservative ankle rehabilitation.
  • Insufficiencies of the upper ankle joint and capsule-ligament complex.
  • Postoperative protection after ligament suturing.


  • Prevents supination and pronation of the ankle.
  • Prevents prolapse of the talus.
  • Protects the anterior talofibular ligament.
  • Compresses the mortise.
  • Prevention of chronic instability.
Product Features and Benefits:
  • For the post-traumatic and preventive care of the capsular ligaments of the ankle.
  • Parallel joints of the brace allow an easy and aligned dorsal extension and plantar flexion of the upper ankle.
  • Strong polypropylene-shell prevents inversion and eversion movement.
  • Strap from distal/lateral to dorsal/proximal prevents the shift of the talus and protects the ligamentum fibulotalare anterius. 
  • Distal strap provides circular compression of the Malleoli.
  • Proximal strap provides additional compression. (Both straps can be cut individually to the correct length needed).
  • Perfect stability along with controlled mobility.
  • Lower part of the insole (soft-pad) is mainly intended for padding the injured ankle and may be cut off at the marked segments after the ankle has healed.
  • Two hook and loop fasteners warrant a smooth and easy but firm position of the foot. 
  • The talus shift strap helps to prevent talar shift.
  • 3 Sizes: S (35 – 39), M (40 – 44), L (45 – 49).
  • Individually sized.