Body Armor Embrace Ankle Brace | Limits Further Injury During Sports

Applied during the acute phase of injury as well as during the process of rehabilitation.

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Product Description

The DARCO Body Armor Embrace is an ankle brace which is applied during the acute phase of injury as well as during the process of rehabilitation.

Prevents Further Injury: Specifically for those who enjoy active sports. This is unique hinged ankle brace and supports joint injury prevention and helps prevent further injury for those carrying minor ligament strains.

The Science: The parallel joint of the brace allows an easy and aligned dorsal extension and plantar flexion. Strong polypropylene-shells prevent inversion and eversion movement. Prevents supination and pronation of the ankle.

Medical Indications: Distortion trauma of the upper ankle joint, Conservative ankle rehabilitation, Insufficiencies of the upper ankle joint, Post-operative protection after ligament suturing.

Ideal for Sports: From footballers to sprinters, active sportspeople are prone to ankle injuries. The Embrace Ankle Brace can help prevent trauma to the joint or rehabilitate it if you've already suffered from an injury in the area.

Prevents Injury While Training: Playing sports can increase your risk of sustaining an ankle injury. As such, it's important to keep the area protected so you don't fall behind in your training. Our ankle brace is specifically designed for active sportspeople.

Indications for use:

  • Distorsion trauma of the upper ankle joint.
  • Conservative ankle rehabilitation.
  • Insufficiencies of the upper ankle joint and capsule-ligament complex.
  • Postoperative protection after ligament suturing.


  • Prevents supination and pronation of the ankle.
  • Prevents prolapse of the talus.
  • Protects the anterior talofibular ligament.
  • Compresses the mortise.
  • Prevention of chronic instability.

Ankle Brace Product Features and Benefits:

  • For the post-traumatic and preventive care of the capsular ligaments of the ankle.
  • Parallel joints of the brace allow an easy and aligned dorsal extension and plantar flexion of the upper ankle.
  • Strong polypropylene-shell prevents inversion and eversion movement.
  • Strap from distal/lateral to dorsal/proximal prevents the shift of the talus and protects the ligamentum fibulotalare anterius. 
  • Distal strap provides circular compression of the Malleoli.
  • Proximal strap provides additional compression. (Both straps can be cut individually to the correct length needed).
  • Perfect stability along with controlled mobility.
  • Lower part of the insole (soft-pad) is mainly intended for padding the injured ankle and may be cut off at the marked segments after the ankle has healed.
  • Two hook and loop fasteners warrant a smooth and easy but firm position of the foot.
  • The talus shift strap helps to prevent talar shift.

3 Sizes: S (35 –39), M (40 – 44), L (45 – 49)

Sold individually.

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