Plaster of Paris - 15kg Tub


Fine Casting Plaster is a premium hemihydrate plaster made from natural gypsum mineral. Perfect for orthotic casting, creating intricate sculptures, detailed moulds, and smooth finishes on your artistic creations.

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Product Description

Plaster of Paris - 15kg Tub

Fine Casting Plaster is an unformulated hemihydrate plaster (CaSO₄·½H₂O) derived from naturally occurring high purity gypsum mineral. It has an off-white color and serves various purposes. Made from the finest materials, our Plaster of Paris is designed to deliver superior performance and reliability for all your casting and crafting needs.

With its convenient tub form, measuring 15kg, our Plaster of Paris is easy to handle and store, making it ideal for both small-scale and large-scale projects. Achieve flawless results with ease thanks to the fine consistency of our Plaster of Paris, ensuring smooth finishes and intricate detailing.

Orthotic Casting:
Used in the NHS and private healthcare settings for taking foot casts using foot impression boxes.

Decorative Fibrous Plasterwork:
Fine Casting Plaster is commonly used for the production of decorative fibrous plasterwork. Its properties allow for intricate detailing and accurate reproduction of fine patterns and designs.

General Casting Applications:
- It finds application in general casting, where it can be used to create molds, casts, and other forms.
- The plaster’s typical set time and working properties make it suitable for various casting needs.

Additive or Filler:
- Additionally, Fine Casting Plaster can serve as an additive or filler within proprietary formulations.
- Its high purity and consistent quality make it a reliable choice for various applications.

Tub Size: 15kg

Please note: 25kg tubs are no longer available for sale.


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