Gefix Plaster of Paris Bandages


Upgrade your casting game with Gefix POP Bandages!


Gefix POP Bandages are the premium choice for professionals in need of top-notch casting materials. These high-grade bandages offer superior strength and durability, ensuring a seamless and secure cast every time.

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Product Description

Gefix Plaster of Paris Bandages Features:

These excellent POP bandages offer enhanced mouldability for casts applied in circular turns, for immobilisation after fractures, othopaedic corrections and for treating general joint and bone disorders.

  • Premium grade
  • Smooth finish
  • Various sizes available

Gefix Plaster of Paris Bandages are excellent for creating casts and immobilizing limbs after fractures, orthopedic corrections, and treating joint and bone disorders. Here are some features of Gefix Plaster of Paris Bandages:

  • Enhanced Mouldability: These bandages offer enhanced mouldability, making them suitable for casts applied in circular turns.
  • Applications:
    • Fracture Immobilization: Used to create casts for immobilizing limbs after fractures.
    • Orthotic and Prosthetic Impression Molding: Ideal for creating detailed molds of residual limbs or feet for orthotic or prosthetic purposes.

These bandages aid the healing process by providing stability and ease of application. Whether for medical professionals or individuals seeking orthotic solutions, Gefix Plaster of Paris Bandages offer reliable results.


Elevate your casting experience with Gefix POP Bandages - the trusted choice for professionals. Order now and experience the difference!