Peanut Ball x 50cm Peanut Ball | Anti-burst | Pump Included


Ideal for fitness at home, balance improvement, rehabilitation and athletic exercises, yoga, pregnancy.

Sold: with pump

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Product Description

Peanut Ball with Pump

Multiple uses for adults and children. Exercise, classroom, fun outside and even yoga. The exercise balls are very versatile and allows the individual to really concentrate on core stability which is vital for improving sitting posture, strength, flexibility and balance.

Balance Tool: This peanut shaped physio exercise ball is a great option for integrating movement & balance into therapy without the rolling and rocking of traditional exercise balls. Kids can still get the movement they want but feel more secure!

Body Awareness: Whether kids bounce around or sit on it like a saddle, this exercise ball is an excellent tool for improving balance & core stability. It’s also great for encouraging a healthy posture & body awareness.

Active Seating: For children who have the wiggles and struggle with sitting still, the Fun and Function Peanut Ball can provide active seating & movement! Bounce or ride to get those wiggles out!

Great for Kids: Perfect for kids with gross motor delays. Children can sit on it like a ball chair, rest on their stomach, prop their feet up, or ride it like a’s fun AND functional!

Peanut Balls for Sensory Use

Peanut balls, named for their peanut-like shape, can be beneficial tools for children with sensory issues. They offer a range of therapeutic benefits that can help address sensory processing challenges. Here's how they can be used:

  • Vestibular Stimulation: Rolling on the peanut ball can provide vestibular input, helping children to improve their sense of balance and spatial orientation. This can be soothing for some children and help them to better process movement-related sensory input.
  • Seated Activities: Sitting on a peanut ball during activities like reading or homework can help children with sensory issues stay focused. The slight movement allowed by the ball can provide the sensory input needed to maintain attention and reduce fidgeting.
  • Core Strengthening: Using the peanut ball can help improve core strength and stability, which are important for overall motor development. Activities like balancing on the ball or performing exercises while seated on it can strengthen core muscles.
  • Coordination and Balance: Performing exercises and activities on the peanut ball can help enhance coordination and balance, which are often areas of difficulty for children with sensory processing issues.
  • Active Play: The peanut ball can be incorporated into active play, encouraging children to move and exercise. Activities like rolling, bouncing, or balancing on the ball can be fun and engaging ways to promote physical activity.
  • Therapeutic Exercises: Occupational therapists often use peanut balls in therapy sessions to help children with sensory issues engage in specific exercises designed to improve sensory processing, motor planning, and body awareness.
  • Alternative Seating: Peanut balls can be used as an alternative seating option for children who struggle with traditional chairs. The dynamic surface can help keep children engaged and comfortable, particularly during activities that require prolonged sitting.
  • Relaxation Techniques: The gentle rocking or bouncing motion on a peanut ball can be very soothing and help reduce anxiety and stress. This can be particularly beneficial for children who have difficulty calming down or who experience sensory overload.

The peanut ball can be a versatile and effective tool for helping children with sensory issues manage their sensory needs, improve their motor skills, and enhance their overall well-being.

Ball Specification

Anti-burst - This product has a weight resistance of approx: 250kg

Easily inflatable with a Physioworx pump (included)

Dimensions: 48 x 90cm; Ball Weight: 900g


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