Neurotips for Neurological Testing


Revolutionize your neurological testing!


Introducing Neurotips - the cutting-edge solution for precise and efficient neurological testing. Say goodbye to outdated methods and embrace the future of neurology with our innovative Neurotips that provide accurate results in a fraction of the time.

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Product Description

Neurotips for Neurological Testing:

Neurological testing is a crucial aspect of diagnosing and treating various conditions affecting the nervous system. To ensure accurate results and effective patient care, it is essential to master neurology assessment strategies and techniques.

One of the best tips for neurological testing is to establish a systematic approach that includes a thorough neurological examination checklist. This helps in ensuring that no important aspect of the assessment is overlooked. Familiarizing yourself with neurological evaluation methods and guidelines can significantly enhance your neurology assessment skills.

Common techniques used in neurological testing include assessing reflexes, sensation, muscle strength, coordination, and cognitive function. These assessments provide valuable insights into the functioning of the nervous system and help in formulating an accurate diagnosis.


Neurotips™ are single use neurological examination pins, which eliminate the risk of cross infection. They are semi-sharp, to reduce the risk of skin puncture particularly on fragile skin.


  • Single-Use: Eliminates the risk of cross-infection. Note this products is not classed as sterile but has been irradiated.
  • Semi-Sharp: Reduces the risk of skin puncture, especially on fragile skin
  • Calibrated Neurotip Test: Provides a quantifiable force of 40g to assess reduced sensation safely


  • Infection Control: Single-use nature prevents transmission of infection
  • Accurate Sensation Assessment: Calibrated to provide reliable tests of nerve function
  • Versatile: Suitable for sharpness testing and peripheral vision testing with contrasting colors


  • Neuropathy Screening: Identifies patients at risk of foot ulceration due to reduced sensation
  • Peripheral Vision Testing: The contrasting colors aid in testing peripheral vision

Medical Conditions or When to Use:

  • Used in conditions where patients may have reduced sensation due to neuropathy, diabetes, or other neurological disorders
  • As part of a comprehensive neurological examination to assess sensory deficits or monitor known neurological conditions


Single use neurological examination pins for use in Neuropen (NV0590).

100 per box.